The Ruined Inn, Again

Part 2

The brave adventurers bravely braved a spider and several zombies, who trembled in their bravery. The zombies were easily dispatched with the help of an ancient choreographed technique that Aldlynne and Arth have mastered together, but not before Jef contracted a strange disease. They found all manner of loot and goodies, including strange coins, books, and weapons.

The heroes left the ruined inn after a night of rest, and found a host of monstrous creatures waiting for them. Jef was felled by a clearly lucky hit from an orc, but was brought back to life thanks to a strange blue potion that definitely wasn’t a potion of Cure Light Wounds. She seems better but won’t stop recounting strange tales of a magical beaver. Probably the disease getting worse. The rest of the party came out ok, except possibly for Hjordis, who probably won’t sit right for the next few days.

After killing the current Mogg, the rest of the orcs and kobolds surrendered, but were brutally slaughtered by the heroes murder hobos. The sentient creatures cried out for their families and begged for mercy only to be ruthlessly slain by the callous executioners that call themselves adventurers. The bodies were then mutilated in order to scam the Church out of as much gold as humanly possible.

Squimothy brought the head of the Mogg to the surviving orcs, where he and Arth found a beaten and bloodied Jake locked in a small cage. Upon seeing Squimothy with the head, the rest of the tribe declared him the new Mogg, and pledged fealty. It remains to be seen however, whether or not they’ve been paying their taxes.



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