The Ruined Inn

Part 1

The adventurers learned from the Church of the Archangel and Anetti of a settlement of monstrous humanoids threatening the town of Alexora. The party has begun to devise a scheme to swindle the Church out of the most money possible for the least amount of orcs killed.

The party hiked into the Savage Hills, following tracks from Farmer John’s fields, possibly made by beavers. They encountered some gnoll guards before finding the entrance of the monster settlement. There they met Jake, the half-orc, and agreed to be led peacefully through the encampment to the Warm World ruin they were asked to investigate.

In the ruin, they braved a swarm of spiders as well as a gelatinous cube, and found a few interesting treasures and trinkets. What more does this ruin hold? Will the adventurers decide to spare the monstrous encampment at Jake’s pleading? Or will they attempt to ensure the safety of the town or even be motivated by greed? Where are the beavers?



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