A Note Left With Jake
A sad goodbye


I’m so sorry. I hate myself for doing this, but I sold you to the church. I took the gold. I thought I was a better person than this, but my greed got the best of me. I had to make a decision, I was at a crossroads. I chose this. I chose to sell you. I wanted to keep you with me, train you in my ways, but I fell pray to my faults.

You have a choice. Lay down and die, or escape and find me. Find me Jake, this will make you stronger… worthy.

Mah Feelz

The Ruined Inn, Again
Part 2

The brave adventurers bravely braved a spider and several zombies, who trembled in their bravery. The zombies were easily dispatched with the help of an ancient choreographed technique that Aldlynne and Arth have mastered together, but not before Jef contracted a strange disease. They found all manner of loot and goodies, including strange coins, books, and weapons.

The heroes left the ruined inn after a night of rest, and found a host of monstrous creatures waiting for them. Jef was felled by a clearly lucky hit from an orc, but was brought back to life thanks to a strange blue potion that definitely wasn’t a potion of Cure Light Wounds. She seems better but won’t stop recounting strange tales of a magical beaver. Probably the disease getting worse. The rest of the party came out ok, except possibly for Hjordis, who probably won’t sit right for the next few days.

After killing the current Mogg, the rest of the orcs and kobolds surrendered, but were brutally slaughtered by the heroes murder hobos. The sentient creatures cried out for their families and begged for mercy only to be ruthlessly slain by the callous executioners that call themselves adventurers. The bodies were then mutilated in order to scam the Church out of as much gold as humanly possible.

Squimothy brought the head of the Mogg to the surviving orcs, where he and Arth found a beaten and bloodied Jake locked in a small cage. Upon seeing Squimothy with the head, the rest of the tribe declared him the new Mogg, and pledged fealty. It remains to be seen however, whether or not they’ve been paying their taxes.

Double Abra Kadabra Leapfrog Shiporiuken Technique!
Ancient Technique



The Ruined Inn
Part 1

The adventurers learned from the Church of the Archangel and Anetti of a settlement of monstrous humanoids threatening the town of Alexora. The party has begun to devise a scheme to swindle the Church out of the most money possible for the least amount of orcs killed.

The party hiked into the Savage Hills, following tracks from Farmer John’s fields, possibly made by beavers. They encountered some gnoll guards before finding the entrance of the monster settlement. There they met Jake, the half-orc, and agreed to be led peacefully through the encampment to the Warm World ruin they were asked to investigate.

In the ruin, they braved a swarm of spiders as well as a gelatinous cube, and found a few interesting treasures and trinkets. What more does this ruin hold? Will the adventurers decide to spare the monstrous encampment at Jake’s pleading? Or will they attempt to ensure the safety of the town or even be motivated by greed? Where are the beavers?

The Harsh Environment

The adventurers, splitting into separate groups, somehow managed to collect both the constable’s and the aunt’s reward for Lindsay, simultaneously hiding the girl with her aunt and revealing her location to the constable. They then fled the town of Burton, Linday’s fate unknown.

On the road to Alexora, they managed to avoid a clever pit trap set by some highly annoying ice goblins (whom they then slaughtered). They braved a blizzard and killed off a couple demons that threatened their beasts of burden, losing only one ox.

The adventurers arrived in Alexora, tired and cold but alive. What adventures does this large township hold for our heroes?

The Lost Girl

The adventurers met Torkel Timoko, a ship’s navigator, and Anetti Emigo, the leader of the trade caravan. These are their two traveling companions on the way to Korremar.

The adventurers encountered some abyssal larvae on their way to Burton. Upon arriving at Burton, they witnessed the execution of the witch Susan. They entered the Scrubwood to find her daughter, Lindsay.

In the Scrubwood, they fought a warlock, as well as his pet skeleton dog and shadow. They have found the child Lindsay, who appears to have magical powers herself. But the question remains — what to do with her?

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